Campervan / Motor Home Sharing

Click here to read the free Campervan Sharing Factsheet, which provides further information and guidance about sharing a campervan with others (also known as fractional ownership).

There are many reasons why people might want to share a campervan, but the main benefits are the following:

  • Financial reasons - By sharing a campervan with others you can split the costs of purchasing, keeping and using the campervan between more people and reduce the amount each person pays towards their travel costs. This will therefore reduce the cost of holidaying in the campervan considerably. By sharing with other people you might be able to afford a better equipped or larger campervan than you would otherwise.
  • Community and convenience reasons – Campervans are rather large vehicles, and because they are not used frequently they are often seen parked for long periods of time either in the street or on people’s front drives. This can be frustrating for neighbours who would rather not have a constant view of a campervan in front of the house. Sharing a campervan means that there will be fewer on the roads, and thus fewer to block up roads and drives when they are not being used.
  • Environmental reasons – Sharing a campervan with others will help to reduce the number of vans that need to be manufactured and scrapped, thus wasting fewer precious resources. Sharing a campervan can work particularly well because they are not normally used on a day to day basis, and providing that there is a sufficient system in place for making bookings, it should be just as convenient as owning a campervan each. Also, if the sharers split the purchase cost of the campervan they may be able to afford a newer and more fuel efficient van than they would otherwise.

Often all of these factors will come into play together, as in the following example:

Two families have a campervan parked on the same street, one is rather old and expensive to run, as well as being very inefficient and using a lot of fuel. The other is new, efficient and spacious, but the family feels that they do not use it regularly enough and it is inconvenient to keep it without it being used.  The families may get together and decide that they could share the newer campervan between them instead, and sell the older one.  The family who originally owned the newer van will save money by splitting the costs for road tax, insurance, servicing, parking permits, MOTs and breakdown cover. The other family will obtain a share in a newer van that they are more likely to use and is more efficient to run. There will be one less van parked on the road in their local area, and as the remaining van is shared it is likely to be used more frequently and not end up sitting around unused.

For people who are interested in sharing a campervan we sell the following campervan share agreement:

H1 – Campervan Share Agreement: Shared Ownership Model

  • For use when all of the sharers will own shares in the campervan
  • The running costs will all be split between the sharers in proportion with their share in the ownership of the campervan

To buy the agreement or to find out more about its content and application, click on the link above.