About Horse Sharing / Loaning

Click here to read the free Horse Sharing Factsheet, which provides further information and guidance about sharing a horse with others.

There may be a number of reasons why people would like to share a horse with others, but the most significant are as follows:

  • Time reasons – Depending on the stabling arrangements (full livery, DIY livery or on your own yard) the time commitment in keeping a horse or pony will vary greatly. However, whichever option you choose, a horse still requires regular contact and riding and will take a lot of time from a single owner. Sharing a horse with others divides this time requirement between the sharers and is therefore less of a burden on one person. If one of the sharers goes on holiday then providing it was adequately organised in advance, the other sharers can care for the horse without too much difficulty, making it far more convenient.
  • Financial reasons – Owning or otherwise keeping any horse is expensive when you add up the costs of stabling, feed, insurance, vaccinations and other veterinary treatments, farriery, clipping, worming, rugs and tack, and bedding etc. so it obviously helps if you can find someone else to split the costs with.
  • Companionship and advice – Sharing a horse with others is a good way of ensuring that there is always someone else around who has a vested interest in the horse and can help with any problems that may arise. The sharers are likely to discuss issues together, and this makes it a more sociable activity than owning a horse on your own.

These factors are often related to each other. For example, it will take less time for the sharers to look after a horse that is kept in full livery at a livery yard, but it will cost them far more money. As sharers you will need to discuss what your priorities are, your available time and your budget. If all of the sharers work full time then it may be that they would prefer to pay a yard to do more of the mundane day to day work involved. Alternatively, if one of the sharers has more free time than the others then it might be agreed that that person will do more of the work, but in return they will pay less contribution towards the costs of keeping the horse. The sharing arrangement can be flexible to accommodate these different approaches to sharing.

For people who are interested in sharing a horse we sell the following horse share agreement:

C1 – Horse Share Agreement: Shared Ownership Model

  • For use when two or more people want to share both the ownership and use of a horse
  • The costs of keeping and caring for the horse are split between the sharers

C2 – Horse Share Agreement: Shared Use Model

  • Use this agreement when one person will own the horse or pony but will share it with others in return for a contribution towards the costs and help with some of the tasks and upkeep.

To buy the agreement or to find out more about its content and application, click on the link above.