About Jet / Aircraft Sharing

Click here to read the free Jet Share / Aircraft Share Factsheet, which provides further information and guidance about sharing an aircraft with others, also referred to as fractional ownership.

There are many reasons why someone may want to share an aircraft with others, but the main reasons are as follows:

  • Financial reasons – The purchase price and ongoing running costs can make owning an aircraft very expensive indeed, so it makes sense to share the cost with others. The costs involved in keeping an aircraft include substantial hangarage or other storage costs, repairs, maintenance and insurance, as well as equipment that needs to be purchased. By spreading the cost of aircraft ownership out between themselves, the sharers are likely to be able to afford a better, faster, newer or larger aircraft than they would each individually be able to buy.
  • Community and social reasons – Sharing ownership of an aircraft with others means that when you can’t make use of the aircraft, someone else can and it will not be sitting around being a wasted investment. Sharers might sometimes decide to share trips in the aircraft together if it is large enough, which is more sociable than flying alone and may be a more attractive option to some people.
  • Limited commitment – By sharing an aircraft with others, less long-term commitment is required compared to purchasing an aircraft by yourself. It provides a good opportunity to assess how much use you will get out of the aircraft before deciding whether you really need your own. By properly regulating the number of sharers in the agreement most people will find that they get sufficient use out of a shared aircraft.

Our aircraft share agreement is suitable for use whatever the type of aircraft to be shared, including aeroplanes, gliders, helicopters and balloons.

For people interested in sharing an aircraft, we provide the following agreement:

E1 Aircraft Share Agreement: Shared Ownership Model

  • For use when sharing any type of aircraft between two or more people, up to a total of 20 sharers
  • All costs are split between the sharers

To buy the agreement or to find out more about its content and application, click on the link above.