C2 Horse Share – Buy Shared Use Contract


This agreement is intended for use in situations where the owner of a horse wants to share the use of the horse with others for pleasure and recreational purposes. This does not preclude any competing by the sharers, but this agreement is not designed to be used to regulate the relationship between people who own or otherwise share a horse for competition purposes. For example there are no provisions for training plans that must be adhered to.


This agreement is suitable for use to set up a horse share scheme in which one of the sharers owns the horse and the other sharer(s) will be permitted to share in the riding of the horse in return for doing some of the necessary tasks and making a payment to the owner to cover a proportion of the costs. The exact provisions on cost division can be adjusted to suit the needs of the group, but the standard method in this agreement is to divide the costs depending on which sharers use the horse most frequently.

This agreement is very comprehensive and, amongst other issues, deals with the following:

  • The obligations of the sharers to care for the horse
  • The owner’s obligations to organise and run the sharing scheme
  • Costs splitting procedures
  • Reservation procedures for deciding who can ride the horse, and when
  • The allocation of liability between the sharers in the event of damage or accidents involving the horse
  • Prohibitions and requirements regarding the use of the horse
  • Procedures for admitting new sharers, and for terminating the agreement

We recognise that the arrangements for issues such as splitting costs and tasks and deciding on a riding rota will need to be different for each horse share club depending on the individual circumstances. To allow for such flexibility many parts of the agreement can easily be personalised to meet the needs of a particular sharing group. For example, the agreement provides for a standard list of prohibited uses for which the horse may not be used. It is possible to alter the agreement if required to add to this list of prohibitions or to subtract from it if necessary.

The agreement comes with extensive Drafting and Guidance Notes which fully explain the operation of the agreement and contain example additional or replacement clauses which may be used to personalise the agreement. The Drafting and Guidance Notes also contain practical tips and useful documents for use within the horse share scheme.

For further information about horse sharing please see the Horse Sharing Factsheet, and the horse sharing page of SharingContracts.com

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