F1 Flat / House Share – Buy Contract (Lodger)


This agreement is suitable for use to set up a room licence agreement. This is a model of house or flat sharing that involves a homeowner or tenant of a property allowing (licensing) another person to live as a lodger (licensee) in a room or rooms in their home, while sharing other parts of the home together.

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This agreement is very comprehensive and, amongst other issues, deals with the following:

  • The rent to be paid for the room
  • The deposit required and the conditions under which the deposit will not be returned to the licensee
  • The room or rooms too be made available to the lodger
  • Arrangements for dividing household bills
  • ‘House rules’ regarding behaviour that is expected of the lodger
  • Procedures for terminating the agreement

We recognise that the arrangements for issues such as house rules and the division of bills will need to be different for each home share arrangement depending on the individual circumstances. To allow for such flexibility many parts of the agreement can easily be personalised to meet the needs of a particular landlord and licensee. For example, the agreement provides a standard list of prohibitions and requirements regarding the behaviour of the lodger, but it is very simple to alter the agreement if required to add to these prohibitions or remove some of them.

The agreement comes with extensive Drafting and Guidance Notes which fully explain the operation of the agreement and contain example additional or replacement clauses which may be used to personalise the agreement. The Drafting and Guidance Notes also contain practical tips and useful documents for use within the home share arrangement.

For further information about sharing a house or flat please see the House or Flat Sharing Factsheet, and the home sharing page of SharingContracts.com

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